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DomusNatura is a tiny group of mobile developers focused on Android and iOS development. Our main target is to create useful and easy to use mobile applications.

SCANPET is our main product. SCANPET scans barcodes and uses Excel files as databases. It uses your device camera to read barcodes and look up item information in an Excel file.

After each scan, it’ll let you modify a form with item information. This data will be stored using Excel files.

You can also use SCANPET as a quick Excel editor, using forms instead a cell-by-cell-edition approach. So in SCANPET each row will be a form and its columns, the form fields. Of course you can define your own columns on SCANPET to fit your needs.

You can use SCANPET to manage your inventory, handle your store, do stocktaking, etc. Build your own item database is as easy as creating an Excel file. Also it is simple to create and send by email your final file to your providers or main store. You’ll be also able to upload/download files to Dropbox and/or Google Drive.